MIT’s iCampus writes about the creative use of web services to improve quality of student life:

A Web service can help you catch a bus. Or test an electronic circuit from a dorm room. Or even take English writing tests in a new way.

These creative uses of Web servicesa method for connecting software systems over the Internetat the Massachusetts Institute of Technology stand in stark contrast to the more mundane, workaday uses of Web services at corporations. But these applications suggest that Web services may be an important link in realizing the vision of broad access to information originally promised by the Web browser.

iCampus is a 5-year, USD 25 million project funded by Microsoft. A related story in NYTimes looks at the Libraries Access to Music Project, to provide music from some 3,500 CD’s through a novel source: the university’s cable television network.

This kind of collabarive effort to test out new technologies is something which Indian IT companies and educational institutions should definitely look at.

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Rajesh Jain

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