Where are the Women Bloggers?

BlogStreet’s list of the top 100 bloggers has come under scrutiny in recent times from the likes of Halley Suitt, Dana Blankenhorn and David Weinberger.

Dana’s point: why are most of the blogs on politics? Halley’s response: why aren’t there more women bloggers in the list? (Halley counted all of 3 in the top 100. Kevin Marks points out there are a lot more, in his commonet on David Weinberger’s post.) Halley also wants to know more about the algorithm used – “based on who blogrolls whom.”

Here is more info on how we do the rankings, written by Veer, who managed BlogStreet.

Computing the Blog Influence Quotient (BIQ) is a two step process. First the BlogRank is calculated, based on the number of blogs blogrolling a blog. More the number of blogs blogrolling a blog, higher will be its BlogRank.

For BIQ it is not just how many people blogroll you i.e. the quantity, but what matters is *who* blogrolls you i.e. the quality. It takes into account the BlogRank of the bloggers who blogroll you.

Thus your BIQ increases if a blog with a high BlogRank is blogrolling you. Think of BlogRank as weighted rankings, blogosphere’s equivalent of Google’s PageRank.

Perhaps this should put the rankings in context.

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