Identity Management

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Identity management is the latest security technology to gain popularity in the corporate world–mostly for its efficiencies. The technology allows new employees to be set up with network resources in minutes, rather than days, while requiring them to have only one password for access to servers, printers and other proprietary equipment. Because of significant savings in time and money, manufacturers say, identity management systems can pay for themselves in a year.

“Identity management has one simple goal: one identity per individual, at least in the corporate setting,” said Chris Christiansen, a security analyst at market researcher IDC.

In essence, identity management brings together various software packages that were separate systems just a few years ago. Companies no longer need piecemeal identity technologies such as single sign-on applications, directory management software and auditing or accounting packages. Not surprisingly, many manufacturers of these technologies are now rebranding themselves as identity management businesses.

By connecting human resources systems directly to the servers that control access to corporate network resources, companies can significantly reduce the time it takes to get new employees set up to access all necessary systems.

What we are now seeing is a focus on creating technology to make individuals and groups more productive.

Identity Management

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