Linux Action

The Register reports on two Linux-related developments: Red Hat’s decision to pull the plug on its Red Hat Linux line and get users to shift to its Enterprise product line, and Novell’s decision to acquire Suse for USD 210 million, and IBM’s decision to invest USD 50 million in Novell. [Red Hat’s market cap is USD 2.6 billion.]

I think there are three key things here:

  • the free Linux distribution game may be up for grabs (depends on how Fedora shapes up), since Red Hat will no longer be available for free use.

  • Novell is going to be a serious player in the Linux space. Suse is the second company it has acquired after Ximian.

  • With a major like Novell backing it, Linux is now very serious business on the desktop also.

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    Rajesh Jain

    An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.