Presence on Cellphones

[via Smart Mobs] CNETAsia writes about presence technology coming to cellphones:

Nokia calls it “Presence”. Sony Ericsson calls it “My Friends”. The official name is IMPS. So what is it really?

IMPS stands for “Instant Messaging Presence Services”. Building on the popularity of SMS, this nascent technology introduces one exciting new component to messaging: Presence.

A presence user will be able to update his current status on his cell phone, and by doing so, allow his authorized friends to check whether he’s available, busy, or free for a chat.

IMPS may work by encouraging greater exchanges of messages. For example, if you’re feeling bored, you can text a friend who’s listed as “Free for chat” to start a conversation. You may even arrange to meet up for some Java.

IMPS is thus likely to be pitched as a social tool. It may appeal most to teenagers who are already sold on the merits of instant messaging.

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