Nintendo’s USD 50 Game Console?

The Register reports on Nintendo’s latest console, the iQue, for the Chinese market:

The device, which is due to launch before the end of the year in Shanghai, with other regions of China to follow later, is effectively a Nintendo 64 contained in a single control pad-sized unit. The system features an chip which integrates the entire functionality of the N64 onto a single die – based on a process.

It will come bundled with an AV cable, a power supply, a 64MB Flash card and one full game.

Nintendo will sell games for USD 5.

Note: The article probably has a typo when it says 7 euros as the price – should probably be 57, as BoingBoing points out.

The Playstation 1 also sells for USD 49 or so. So, why cannot we get a USD 50 thin client?

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