Questions Matter

David Locke quotes Naguib Mahfouz: “You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.” He adds:

  • Questions are very strong attractors in the chaos of ideas, they gather, focus, attract and energize the conversation.

  • Only questions have the power to beak our current mindsets, they set in motion the deep reflection needed to alter our beliefs.

  • It is the place and the space ‘between not knowing and our desire to know’ where we are most attentive, self-aware and alive. Questions hold the key to this special area.

  • Compelling and quality questions drive knowledge creation and expansion in a fundamental way.

  • Knowledge emerges around good questions.

  • Questions energize and glue our conversation, draw people into the circle to participate and gather diverse opinions.

  • Questions keep the conversation moving forward, awaken dormant discourse and may be used to guide the subject back on course.

  • So very right…just framing the question correctly can help a lot in getting us to the right answer.

    Published by

    Rajesh Jain

    An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.