Grand Central’s BPEL

BPEL stands for Business Process Exectuion Language. Phil Wainewright writes: “Grand Central offers a web services intermediary service basically a web-services-network-in-the-cloud and now it has added a BPEL engine, which means users can construct joined-up processes by orchestrating services together.”

Why is it important? “The wonderful thing is that, being BPEL, you can map virtually any process you can conceive, because it’s founded on a form of logic called pi-calculus. Some people think this is just souped-up workflow, but in fact pi-calculus and the business process software that’s based on it produces many different forms of process mapping besides workflow. To understand why, read Workflow is just a Pi process, a white paper by Howard Smith and Peter Fingar.”

This is what we want Visual Biz-ic to do.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.