Scott “Feedster” Johnson Interview

Scott’s been doing a fantastic effort with Feedster. Excerpts from an interview in waffle:

In a world of essentially infinite information and the consequent infinite information overload, you have to pick how you want to deal with things and were seeing an increasing number of people turning to a temporal approach i.e. Whats going on now? as opposed to Whats best (google). Our temporal, current orientation is a huge difference from Google. It sounds small but it really isnt.

One of the brilliant things that occurred and I think we have to credit Dave for is correctly realizing that RSS + Blogs was a natural pairing. Think of blogs as your friends. No one really wants to travel to see their friends not when you have a lot of them. What you want is them to come to you. And thats what RSS does it lets your friends (blogs you read) come to you.

I think the next big thing to happen to the blogosphere is probably some type of commerce. Now I dont know if thats people paying for content, advertising or what but its bound to happen. And the people creating the content that make up the blogosphere deserve something for their time. I think there needs to be a way to compensate people in small bits otherwise the content will start to dry up.

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