Indian Telco Disruptions

There are three things which can (positively) disrupt the Indian telco scene: VoIP, LNP (local number portability) and fixed-price broadband bundles.

We need to legalise VoIP completely and allow ISPs and cable providers to offer voice services. Voice needs to be thought of as just another application on the IP network.

LNP will cause a lot of churn in the mobile space and cause prices to fall even further. Today, one of the factors that holds me from switching providers is the fact that my cell number will change.

Fixed-price broadband bundles will make a big impact on Internet usage. By broadband, I mean real good connectivity speeds (at least 256 Kbps, if not more). The plans need to come with no limits to data transfers. Home users should not have to pay more than Rs 500-750 (USD 10-15) for this, with enterprises should be charged about Rs 1,500 (USD 30) for speeds of about 1 Mbps. Then, see the transformation in the India IT space.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.