Google Visualiser from Groxis

one of the next frontiers is going to be information visualisation – tools to help us see and explore the information better. reports on Groxis:

It will offer customers of its desktop search application the ability to download a free plug-in to search Google’s more than 3 billion documents.

The tool is designed to let Groxis customers organize Google search results into graphical maps, categorizing relevant data in relation to keyword queries–something Google itself does not do.

For example, a user who searched on the term “Wi-Fi” would see spheres of categories on the subject, with labeled topics such as “news,” “802.11” and “hot spots.” The user could then delve deeper into Web pages on the topic of specific interest by clicking on a sphere.

This could be one of the first steps in bringing information visualisation technologies to the mainstream mass market.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.