Wharton India Economic Forum

Knowledge@Wharton has a report on the event. Some quotes:

Sam Pitroda: “There are great business success stories, especially in telecom, pharmaceuticals, and business process outsourcing. Indian business will transform the country in many ways. But there are challenges ahead…In the 1980s, I saw information technology as a great social leveler. Today, the world over, Indian IT talent is recognized and accepted, even expected. But until we create a global, national agenda thats in tune with a free market economy, its difficult to build a modern nation. We need massive administrative reforms. We have the politics of the 1940s still, in India. It sometimes takes 15 years to get a court case settled. Processes are obsolete. Everything the British Raj left is intact. We have perfected it, and now were trying to computerize it.

Akshaya Bhargava, managing director and CEO of Progeon, an Infosys-owned BPO company: We have taken a view of the future in our company which drives our investments and helps us say yes or no to certain customers. The future lies in the knowledge-intensive processes. When you go to a customer, the biggest challenge is dealing with the perception of risk. Its not price, technology, or attrition of people its whether the customer feels comfortable. So you have to come through with deep credibility.

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