Think It Over

A few short takes:

Scoble: “The idea that a search term can then be a syndication feed is going to change the world.”

RSS Knowledge Streams [John Robb and Dave Winer and Zack Rosen]: “We are making very robost RSS feed content importing and exporting tools into the DeanSpace web community ‘kits’. The idea being that all the different Dean community sites running our code will then have the ability to share and syndicate content and users easily across the network of Dean web-communities. We are attempting to construct a grassroots campaign network from the numerous deployed sites running our code. The goal is to have all content and users on the network wrapped in metadata, so the different sites act as two way filters to the campaign network with communities built around them, rather than as isolated independant communities.”

The Ideal CMS.

Dana Blankenhorn: “Once a technology becomes easy enough to use that anyone can use it, its days as a hot market are over…Put another way, in technology complexity breeds growth.”

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