Vonage’s Softphone

Om Malik: “Vonage is developing a ‘softphone’, a piece of software that resides on a PDA (read Pocket PC) or a Laptop and can connect to the internet using a WI-Fi connection.”

Wi-Fi Networking News: “Om’s scoop is certainly that Vonage is going to package the software and PSTN offering into a no-configuration package that will be as easy to use as their hardware service. Vonage’s hardware solution is pretty simple: open the box, plug it in, wait a minute. You’re done. Voice mail calls can be alerted via email, and other features can be enabled through the Web site’s dashboard for your account. Because Vonage works over broadband, a Pocket PC or a laptop equipped with their soft client in turn connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot or access point means free phone service everywhere — it’s another incentive to lower cell phone plans (for roaming purposes) and increase the number of hot spot locations.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.