Smart Phones reviews three of today’s devices – Treo 600, the BlackBerry 7230 and xda II. The verdict:

For its design, its openness and being based on the reliable and easy-to-use Palm OS, the Treo 600 gets the nod from me today. However, this comparison over the past three months or so, while showing the right device, marketed the right way can drive smart phone adoption forward, also leads me on to red flags for any organisation.

Set up for synchronised email must be easier. Per megabyte costs must be more transparent and lower, and the overall benefits in terms of increased productivity to an individual or organisation must be easier to calculate.

Microsoft-based smart phones will continue to get better witness the latest Orange SPV E200 and there will be sharply increasing numbers of phones based on the Symbian OS, and not just from Nokia or in Europe.

But there are still two aspects of this market. Though it is now finding its feet, it is no certainty who will walk off the winner, in terms of operators, handset makers, software vendors and indeed user organisations.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.