Asian Internet Usage

Asia Times summarises the findings of a report from eMarketer:

By the time 2003 is out, according to the report, “Asia-Pacific Online”, Internet use in China will have nearly doubled to 114 million people online. In just two more years, 250 million Chinese are expected to be accessing the Internet. In South Korea, nearly 59 percent of the population is to be using the Internet by the end of this year. India’s cellular telephone industry is adding 120,000 subscribers monthly and passed the 3 million mark in June. While in a country of 1 billion people that represents scant penetration, it indicates vast potential.

What is particularly striking is the pace at which Asia is switching to broadband, which allows for much more extensive graphics use, and which enhances commercial appeal for online advertisers. By the end of the year, broadband usage is expected to grow by 25 percent, to 18 million subscribers. A startling 94 percent of Korean Internet users will have broadband connections by that time.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.