Media and Technology Convergence

NYTimes writes about how high-speed Internet access is bringing about the long-awaited convergence between the two industries: “With more American households going to broadband, faster Internet connections are changing the movie, music, telephone, computer and cable businesses.” The related articles highlight the converging trends in the US:

– Television Technology: A Race to Enter the Flat-Screen Business
– Initial Public Offerings: Will Google Take the Plunge?
– Telecommunications: A Do-It-All Attitude Among Providers
– Venture Capital: A Stirring of Hope Amid Pessimism
– Cellphones: An Industry Watches Japan’s Experience
– Software Companies: A Drive to Grow by Absorbing Rivals
– Security Technology: For Global ID Systems, the Tried and True

– Piracy: Studios Fight Piracy With Education
– Internet Advertising: More Businesses Are Turning to Paid Listings on Search Engines
– Newspapers: New Focus for Publishers Is the Hispanic Reader
– Music: With CD Sales Slipping, the DVD Steps In
– Satellite TV: A New Murdoch in the Spotlight
– Magazines: For Young Men, Shopping Handguides
– Personal Video Recorders: Executives Plan Now to Deal With Popularity

The one thing to note is how much time this convergence has taken to start happening. India has the opportunity to speed things up – as the computing, communications and content revolutions are happening simultaneously and will reinforce each other. This is one trend where the Asian countries (especially, Japan and South Korea) are leading, with China and India rapidly following.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.