Web and Weblogs

Kevin Werbach writes: “While the Web dramatically lowered the cost of publishing and accessing information, it kept the static and impersonal page metaphor of older media. Weblogs, aided by syndication mechanisms, remove that crutch…Some day we may look back and identify the rise of blogs, not the Web, as the decisive development that changed our relationship to information… and to each other.”

Excellently put…and we are just at the start of the blogs (and RSS) revolution. We are still using tools and lenses from the previous generation – what we need are the next generation of applications which recgonise that we may use multiple devices to access the same information store, that content is no longer just text, and that we like to share things we like with friends. This is the Publish-Subscribe, Always-on World.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.