101 Ways to Save the Internet

Wired has a list by Paul Boutin because: “The Net, which once seemed so invincible, is under attack by the forces of evil. Viruses knock servers to their knees. Spammers hijack our inboxes. Hackers and identity thieves menace our collective security and personal privacy…Desperate solutions range from abandoning email to requiring a license to log on. Halt, fools! The Internet’s problems stem from the same virtues that make it great: open architecture, the free flow of information, peer-to-peer cooperation, and a bias for linking strangers, not disconnecting them. Take those away and the Net might cease to infuriate us – but it will also cease to amaze us.”

I think we need an equivalent “101 Ways to build the Indian Internet.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.