Stephen Downe’s 2004 Predictions

[via Roland Tanglao] Here. Extremely well thought out. Among the predictions: Email redux, A population in search of a community, Blogging without writing, Personalization finally works, Learning objects at last, New hype: simulations, Attacking Open Content, IP Communications, finally. A few pointers:

A suite of tools, ensuring bloggers not only the capacity to write, but also the chance to be heard, will begin to evolve through the new year.

What if you could control the results [of browsing], wearing different profiles for different browsing routines, clicking on an evaluation as you read, adding a comment or annotation if you felt like it, capturing and collecting your own personal library as you went along? Not a blog, because a blog is about writing, but a way of communicating what you think is important. The early indications are already out there, and in the next twelve months we should be watching for some form of non-blog blogging to emerge.

By combining the information provided by non-blog blogging with tailored feeds drawing resources from hundreds or thousands of sources, readers will be able to be presented exactly what they want. Into this same environment will be piped whatever replaces email, so that all a person’s essential web reading (and very little non-essential web reading) will be available through a single application.

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