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[via Roland Tanglao] Ken Smith thinks aloud: “If, however, the dailies could usefully accumulate into something more fixed, and if the ideas would benefit from a conceptual rather than chronological order, then someone has to create that conceptual order and shape that fixed display. It is easy to imagine, though, a program linking the chronology of the weblog to the conceptual shape of a more fixed web site, perhaps a wiki. The program might save steps for the editor. If you could, for example, drag an icon representing today’s weblog post into a concept map of the site, and if you could highlight three or four key words in the new post for the program to use as links to other posts in the map, then you would have something rather amazing. A reader could click on the section of the map representing the new post, and the keywords would appear nearby, with lines heading out to other recent posts using those words.”

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