Tiny Hard Drives

BBC News writes about Toshiba’s small hard disk (less than an inch across) which can store 2-4 GB. The market: consumer electronics.

The hard drive has emerged as one of the key components in the push to bring computing technologies to the home.

Some video cameras and music players such as Apple’s iPod have taken advantage of the shrinking size of hard drives.

“Our new miniature drive is a significant technological breakthrough,” said Nick Spittle of Toshiba Storage Device Division Europe.

“It is set to bring explosive growth in smaller and more mobile digital devices, with a host of hot new portable gadgets for the consumer.”

Toshiba said it expects the new drive to inspire others to think about incorporating hard drives into their products, such as mobile phones and digital camcorders.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.