Worldview Management System

Lisa Williams has a design in mind for a new aggregator:

Each of us has a specific and unique way of viewing the world. Our worldview is informed by our life experience, our way of thinking, our culture, our family, and for many of us, the things we read, watch, and listen to — the media products of others’ worldviews informing and (sometimes) enriching and expanding our own worldview.

The best aggregator, to my mind, would be much more than a list of sites with handy update notifications. It would be a Worldview Management System for the user.

A Worldview Management System would not just allow the user to read sites more efficiently but be able to actively manage and expand their worldview in a number of ways by making robust use of metadata. Ideally, my Worldview Management System would allow me to see the sites that I read *and* the blogposts that I write through the following lenses: geographically, politically and My Worldview.

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Rajesh Jain

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