Web Advertising Comeback

WSJ writes:

Web ads, not long ago a wasteland of over-hyped expectations, are making a comeback. After rushing to advertise online in the 1990s, many companies wound up disappointed and dropped Internet ads altogether. Today, some are coming back, lured by an improving economy, lower rates and better technologies for tracking potential customers.

Online ad spending climbed 20% last year to $7.2 billion. Yahoo Inc.’s ad revenue surged 84% last year. Analysts estimate revenues were up threefold at the closely held search titan Google, which doesn’t disclose results. Forrester Research Inc., a market-research firm, estimates Web-ad spending will grow as much as 23% in 2004.

Many advertisers have figured out how to use techniques that only the Web can offer — including ways that let them capture names and data of consumers, measure results of Internet-ad campaigns and track the paths of consumers from the ads they view to the date and place of purchase.

The article has an extensive case study on Mitsubishi.

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Rajesh Jain

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