Onfolio for Search Information Management

Walter Mossberg writes about Onfolio, a new client-side software which promises to make web research easier:

It’s pretty easy to find things on the Web these days using Google or other search engines. But it’s not so easy to capture, save and organize the information you find for later reference offline, especially if you’re doing significant research.

Some people print out the relevant Web pages, but that can take a lot of paper and ink. Others cut and paste important passages into a word processor, a slow and clumsy method. Still others save the Web pages as files to their hard disk. But, depending on the method you use and how good your file system is, these saved pages can be hard to locate and open later.

Now, a new company based in Cambridge, Mass., Onfolio Inc., has come up with an inexpensive piece of software, also called Onfolio, which aims to solve this problem.

The software integrates seamlessly with the dominant Internet Explorer browser, and allows you to quickly store whole Web pages, pictures, snippets of text from the Web and other material, in a way that makes it a snap to find later.

Onfolio works well and fills a real need. If you do a lot of Web research, it’s worth the $30.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.