Media and Entertainment in 2010

[via Jeff Jarvis] An IBM report looks at the future:

An increasing segment of consumers will be able to compile, program, edit, create and share content; as a result, they will gain more control and become more immersed in media experiences.

The future will see more open, reciprocal relationships and more ways to interact and customize at every point of the media value loop among brands, creators, suppliers, distributors, delivery systems, customers and experiencers of media content.

Consumers will be able to compile, edit, produce, create and broadcast complex content and manipulate huge files from the comfort of their homes and personal budgets. The battle for human attention will remain pitched: innovations will continue to cascade rapidly to market. The glut of choices, channels, brands, traditional media and archival content must now compete with customers and consumers new enthusiasms for interactive media, on demand scheduling and publishing, and steadily increasing thirst for the rich, interactive experiences digital technologies make possible.

Media companies must interact with the hot new combinations of technology, devices and behaviors that will be unpredictably driven by open markets and a determined sense of user entitlement.

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Rajesh Jain

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