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Could this be the year the digital home starts to become a reality? News.com writes:

Entertainment PCs will be designed to emulate a home stereo or video component, such as a VCR, and will serve to handle consumer’s audio and video needs by playing music and DVDs, recording TV programs and even showing picture slide shows on a TV. Most entertainment PCs will be purchased without monitors and will be operated almost exclusively via a remote control.

Lifestyle PCs, designed to inhabit bedrooms and kitchens, will look more like the familiar desktop. The high-end machines will be more stylish, however, and will also be operable via remote control, allowing consumers to use them to write an e-mail and then later play a video or some music. Most lifestyle PCs will also come with multimedia software such as Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center operating system, according to Intel.

From another News.com report: “Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard have come up with a concept PC that builds on the company’s current Media Center entertainment idea and goes a few steps further. The Media Center PC of the future has a remote control with a built-in LCD screen for programming recordings. The PC, known as the Windows Home Concept, also supports Internet telephony, dual high-definition TV tuners, biometric security, and a built-in cable modem.”

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