TECH TALK: Two Blog Years: The Blog and I

Yesterday, I completed two years of blogging. This is how I had started off my in my first post: Emergic.Org will talk about our work in creating the cost-effective tech solutions for SMEsEmergic.Org will also give my views on the world of technology. The vantage point is an emerging market. We need technology, but cannot afford to pay it in dollars. The digital divide needs to be bridged. It is time we entrepreneurs in countries like India became leaders in technology products, rather than pure service centres for the rest of the world. Lets become the anchor store in the world mall, not a discount outlet. Lets lead, not follow.

Today, two years later, the vision for both what I do and what the blog does has expanded. The focus of my work (reflected in what I write and post on the blog) is to put together solutions which can catalyse and capitalise upon the development of economies via affordable computing-enabled solutions for emerging markets. Countries like India have a great opportunity to rapidly out their digital infrastructure on next-generation computing, information and distribution platforms. Many revolutions are happening simultaneously from the explosion of mobile devices to the emergence of broadband, from lower-cost access devices which make computing affordable to the middle of the pyramid to community tech centres which make it accessible to the bottom of the pyramid. The challenge lies in accelerating the process with the right innovations, so India and the other emerging markets can do in 5-10 years what the developed world did in 25 years.

Against this background, the primary focus of the blog has been to present a daily digest of news and commentaries (typically 5-6 items daily) I find interesting at the intersection of emerging markets, technologies and enterprises. Over time, the blogs role has expanded. Personally, it serves as a memory extension a place where I can post and find everything of interest to me. It has become my other memory. Writing on the blog also helps me think better and this has been reflected in the way many of my ideas have changed over the past couple years and the blog has captured this incremental evolution.

It has been a fascinating two years, and I look ahead to many more. Today, I can imagine being without an email or a cellphone for a day, but not without blogging. It has become a daily addiction, driven in part by the knowledge that there are hundreds of readers for whom this weblog has also become a part of their daily life. Blogging is mind food for all of us!

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