TECH TALK: Two Blog Years: Some To-Dos

There are times when I wonder what can be done around the blog that I have to create a more enriching experience both for me, and the readers. In the true spirit of the blogging world, here is some loud-thinking on three ideas:

Mind Map

The blogs chronological organisation (with the newest entries first) is excellent for regular readers. But it can get confusing for first-time visitors or for those who want to get the context of what I am writing. There is a need for an outline which lays out my mental models: the areas I am interested in, my key beliefs in each of these areas, and links to important posts which build on these ideas. This would then serve as a mini Table of Contents not as much for the blog, but for my thinking. It would give an overview to visitors of me, the person. This is very important because there is a lens through which I view the world, and if that lens were there for people to see, it would give a richer interpretation for all that I write.


So far, the weblog has been all-text. There are many occasions when a picture can say things much better than words. Somehow, I am not much of a photo-taking person I am one of that (rare?) breed of people who doesnt take pictures even while on vacation! From the point of view of the blog, I definitely believe that having photos can create for a better story-telling approach. They have a wonderful way of conveying ideas, and that is why they need to be part of the blog. So, this is something I am going to look at in the very near future.


Perhaps the most important changes will be in how we can all interact together more. Right now, it is almost like a hub-and-spoke approach: I make the posts, there are some comments which come in, and I write back individually to the people who have commented. In some cases, for a few posts, mini-discussions have spawned in the comments area of the blog. What is very clear is that there needs to be better ways for people to interact with each other. Think of this as a community with the blog and its posts serving as the trigger for discussion. We need the right set of tools to create an integrated platform to foster this interaction.

I will be working on making these utilities a reality in the coming weeks. As always, I look forward to your comments. So, hopefully, as the ideas evolve, so will be the blog!

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