Wanted in a PDA…

Dana Blankenhorn has a wishlist for a PDA:

  • A keyboard as big as I can make it. You can do that with infrared, so I can pound on any surface and still type.
  • A real voice interface. If I can train it to my handwriting, which is abysmal, I should be able to train it to my voice.
  • The ability to transcribe recorded notes.
  • An integrated camera, so I can snap the picture, do the interview, and get both words-and-pictures for editing when I want them.
  • Make that a video camera.
  • Tighter integration with all kinds of PCs, especially laptops.
  • Integrated cell phones standard.
  • Cognitive radio that will automatically use 802.11 or cell systems, whatever it finds.

    I put this in my pocket, I take my pictures and short videos, I do my interviews, it transcribes my notes, and I can then use an infrared keyboard to turn that into a package I can deliver through a blog.

  • I too am waiting!

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