Falling Storage Costs

[via The Shifted Librarian] Peter Van Dijck provides a glimpse into the future:

Storage space is getting cheaper. For investing US$10 a month, you’ll have accumulated 15 petabytes of storage space by 2020.

Assuming you invest $10 a month in storage and start buying this year, buying additional space every year, you’ll accumulate 120 Gigs of storage space this year (2004). Enough for about 10 hours of quality video uncompressed from my camera. Not much, really.

By 2010, you’ll have accumulated 15 terabytes (15,000 Gigs) of storage space. Enough for 1250 hours (52 days) of video.

By 2020, you’ll have reached 15 petabytes of storage space – 15,000,000 Gigs. Enough for 142 years of 24 hour video.

We are currently at a $1 per Gigabyte, with the price halving every year.

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Rajesh Jain

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