Alexa shows Growing International Traffic

Brian Dear looks at Alexa’s traffic on some popular sites and sees their Alexa rankings going down…and some other sites are seeing their traffic go up. About Alexa: “Alexa’s graphs capture how the rank, within Alexa’s own lists, of popular websites changes over time. The business goal, of course, for any web business is higher and higher traffic, month over month. That ought to translate into higher and higher rankings within Alexa, one would think.”

An Alexa product manager commented: “We here at Alexa have been watching the same trend for the last several years: International sites moving up in the rankings and other very popular US sites slowly dropping…The growth in web usage among non-us nations, particularly Asian countries, is real.”

Admittedly, Alexa isn’t the perfect way to decide the popularity of a website, but it is still an indicator.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.