IHT now printed in India

Starting Monday, the International Herald Tribune is now printed in Hyderabad. Owned by the New York Times, the IHT has excellent international coverage. The advantage of the India printing (in Hyderabad, probably by the Deccan Chronicle group), is that we now get it the same day, rather than a day later. In addition, the cover price has come down from Rs 96 to Rs 30 (which is still 10 times what the local newspaper costs). Hopefully, the IHT will soon start getting local ads and be able to reduce the price further.

In case you want to subscribe, call 040-2780 3930 x309 or email midram-AT-deccan.com. (I hope they adjust the money I’ve paid for my subscription!)

So, when will we see a locally printed Wall Street Journal and Financial Times? I only hope that as the printing gets done locally, they do not dilute the content – I am not as much interested in India news so the global perspectives. I get plenty of India news from the other papers!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.