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Anand Chandrasekaran of Aeroprise pointed me to the article he co-authored with Dan Turchin. The article has “an analysis of some trends behind the emergence of mobile workflow technologies and strategies to evaluate and roll out a best-in-class solution.”

Three problems have significantly delayed the adoption of wireless applications that eliminate the gap between mobile employees and their desk-bound tools:
– Lack of end-user personalization
– Little or no automatic device optimization
– Lengthy deployment time requiring programming or third party consulting

The best Mobile Workflow Management solutions consist of the following components:

– Ability for end-users to configure their own applications
– Push-initiated transactions with two-way actionable alerting
– Seamless combination of push and pull modes
– VPN-level wireless security
– No Programming required to integrate with existing desktop applications
– Automatic device optimization for new devices

Three trends are catalyzing enterprise wireless adoption:

1. More mobile employees: By 2006, 60% of enterprise employees will be mobile. The rapid propagation of Wi-Fi hotspots, and secure, reliable wireless devices are making the wired to wireless transition easier. New behaviors also demand new software solutions for managing mobile workflow.

2. Strategic service providers: mobile IT organizations can finally shift from providing reactive, tactical services to proactive, strategic services. Strategic service providers are demanding more intelligent mobile tools.

3. Outsourcing: as non-core operations are outsourced abroad, the volume of disconnected work and disconnected workers has increased.

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