Adam Bosworth Interview

eWeek (Steve Gillmor) interviews BEA’s Adam Bosworth on its Liquid Computing Initiative. Excerpts:

Fundamentally, I said, look, the problem our customers are having is there are fewer and fewer developers available to them, because they’re outsourcing and they’re off-shoring. They’re being asked to keep the systems up more and more, which means that even if there were developers, it’s harder and harder for them to make changes because they have to bring the systems down when they do it.

There are more and more changes being demanded of them more and more rapidly because they’re under the pressure to respond more and more rapidly to business events. And they’re unhappy. And if we’re going to make them happy we’re going to have to move away from thinking about the IDE [integrated development environment] as the center of the world and move toward what I call a business console as the center of the world, where more and more work gets done from a very smart business user at the console and less and less work gets done by a programmer writing code.

Now that I’ve just laid that out, what does that mean? What does it mean in terms of enterprise computing? There are different pieces to it. One thing I laid out was something called a message bus. This is what is involved in Project Quicksilver.

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