Top Enterprise Software Start-ups

Torsten Jacobi lists VentureWire’s Top Ten Enterprise Start-Ups:

  • Blazent, San Mateo, CA: “Whether you are launching an enterprise-wide server consolidation initiative or evaluating new server purchases for an expanding business unit, Blazent helps you maximize the value of your server and storage infrastructure, as well as your financial investments. ”

  • Composite Software, San Mateo, CA: “The Composite Information Server makes all enterprise data accessible as if it existed in a single location. Through dashboards and other information applications, business analysts, managers and executives can now obtain complete, real-time views of their business operations – views that can be stored, reused, and combined with other views.”

  • Gluecode Software, El Segundo, CA provides open source application infrastructure and seems to be competitive to Grand Central

  • Intelligent Results, Bellevue, CA: “Intelligent Results delivers business analytics software and solutions that unleash the value stored in unstructured data. This enables companies to discover powerful new insights and trends not possible from existing structured data, and turn those insights into operational and competitive advantage.”

  • MetaMatrix, New York, NY: “MetaBase serves as a map of the enterprise’s data resources, including relationships among elements and keys on the same or disparate data sources. The MetaBase Modeler, a UML based diagramming tool, is used to build E/R diagrams and graphically produce relationships.”

  • Pivia Software, Cupertino, CA: “Application generation bottlenecks are often the most crucial problems enterprises must resolve in order to be fully functional. Pivia offloads the origin web site infrastructure by applying a number of technologies including connection pooling, SSL optimization, static caching, and application smart caching. In concert, these technologies can reduce the load on databases, application servers, and web servers by as much as 90% as well as increase web application responsiveness.”

  • Proofpoint, Cupertino, CA probably company 101 to sell anti-spam and anti-virus solutions

  • Quadrus Financial Technologies, Vancouver, British Columbia: “The Quadrus system can perform tasks in seconds that can take other systems hours to complete (achieving gigaflop performance on standard desktop computers and teraflops on distributed server environments) and offers users the ability to dynamically extend and customize system functionality to handle even the most complex models, instruments and analytics.”

  • Syndera, Redwood City, CA: “Syndera offers a comprehensive application that delivers real-time visibility across the organization to align business, operations and IT around the same goals.”

  • Wily Technology, Brisbane, CA: “Introscope, the industry-leading enterprise application management solution, provides deep visibility into the entire application environment and helps enterprises keep their mission-critical applications high-performing and available 24×7.”

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