WiMax will take time

News.com quotes a report from Parks Associates and writes:

Despite a lot of recent attention, the wireless broadband technology WiMax is years away from wide use–and will take root in Europe and Asia before spreading to U.S. shores.

More than 7 million subscribers worldwide will get wireless broadband access from carriers selling WiMax services by the end of 2009.

WiMax is radio technology that promises two-way Internet access at several megabits per second, with ranges of several miles. Backers of the technology believe it can challenge DSL and cable broadband services because it offers similar speeds but costs carriers less to set up, since installation doesn’t require roads to be torn up.

The up-and-coming technology is expected to be particularly useful at getting broadband service to remote areas economically or physically out of read of conventional wired networks. WiMax will probably find its first success in Europe and Asia, said Parks Associates senior analyst Michael Cai.

Companies selling WiMax products and services will find fertile ground in developing countries, where the need for voice and data services is hampered by poor wireline infrastructure.

India could take the lead in building out the WiMax industry, given the very limited legacy of alternatives.

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Rajesh Jain

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