InfoWorld (Jon Udell) writes that “according to Collaxa’s Edwin Khodabakchian, a pure visual development tool for process orchestration is still a long way off…BPEL (business process execution language) is the XML-based language of Web services ‘orchestration’ that is, a means to connect multiple Web services to create end-to-end business processes.”

EK: The idea is: Accept BPEL as a first-class language, understand the tasks of the developers, and create the equivalent of the JDT [Java Development Tools] for BPEL within Eclipse. And we have the visual [tool] as well, for when the visual is important. But we never lose focus that its a development tool. Were not trying to build a high-level Visio-type thing.

IW: That is, of course, what a lot of people are expecting to see.

EK: The way I describe the evolution is that its similar to J2EE and the portal. When youre building a Web app with Struts, its very flexible and not targeted at somebody who would declaratively build things. But if you look at a portal framework, it becomes completely data-driven. What we see here is SIs [system integrators] taking our technology, building templatized business processes, and building wizards for people to be able to go and change them. Its going to be a two-step process. First you need to have the layer underneath get baked and become more mature. I think its a couple of years before we can deliver the Holy Grail of having more parametric processes that nontechnical people can change and configure more easily.

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