15 Years of PC World Magazine

PC World looks back at its 15 years. A nice trip down memory lane. Here is what 1989 was like:

June 1989: PS/2 luggable gains positive reception
The PS/2 Model P70 is a high-functionality, 20MHz 386 portable ($16,425) that weighs in at 9kg (the lightest notebooks today are 1.2kg CK). PC professionals are saying the VGA monitor and the 4MB of memory (expandable to 8MB), make it a powerful luggable.”

July 1989: IBMs 486 steals show
The past 10 years have seen a dramatic increase in clock rates, from just under 5MHz for the original IBM PC to 33MHz for the latest 386 systems. This more than six-fold increase will not be repeated.

Dec 1989/Jan 1990: Easy DOS it
Processing speeds are now fast enough to satisfy all but the most exacting user.

PC World Awards
Best desktop PC: Apple Macintosh IIcx
Best laptop: Compaq SLT/286
Best word processor: WordPerfect 5 for DOS

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