Motorola’s WiFi+GSM Cellphone

WSJ writes about the CN620:

The device could be the first mobile phone that combines wide-area GSM cellular technology with shorter-range technology known as Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity, could open the floodgates for users to steal away significant minutes from cellular networks and place free calls over the Internet.

Motorola says its new device will still work after leaving the Wi-Fi “hot spot,” because the call will simply hand over to the regular cellular network, using the wireless technology called GSM. That means that a user — instead of having a cellular number and a work number, for instance — can have just one. Though the phone will be initially aimed at business users, Motorola envisions the technology working in consumers’ homes as well, allowing people to take a single phone number with them wherever they go.

The new device is the latest example of a sea change in the telecommunications industry: a shift of power away from telephone companies that run networks to equipment providers such as Motorola and Cisco that are rapidly designing new products that can allow consumers to tap the Internet.

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