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Vivek Ravindran has an interesting perspective:

If you start to profile the average Indian PC buyer what stands out notably is he is more often than not a he. If we regard women as the central figure of an average middle class Indian family, what are we specifically doing today to ensure that the PC addresses some common scenarios around Indian housewives? How do we motivate a housewife to want a PC for her home badly? Move from nice-to-have to must-have?

For the PC to be treated like a household appliance few things have to happen

The PC has to become an Appliance. (Long term and oft repeated but worth keeping in mind) What if the PC is re-branded and re-tooled from a generic computing, word-processing device into a specific scenario-addressing tool?
Internet/Email PC, Gaming PC, Entertainment PC are terms which are very used in a limited sense today we need to re-think on how intuitive the interface is for an end user when he/she turns one of these devices on and how quickly he/she is able to start using it effectively without getting mired in esoteric terms and concepts. Think TV/Food Processor/Microwave when thinking about intuitivity.

2. More importantly, the PC has to evolve (by way of content, services) to address scenarios around Indian housewives. Take some scenarios as listed below

1. With telecom costs still on the higher side, can the PC help the smart housewife, separated as she is from her parents/brother/sister/cousin/ etc, re-connect with her family everyday by helping her chat, email and speak to her loved ones without impacting her household budget?

2. Childrens education is probably the highest priority for her what if there was a service which in agreement with schools and faculty help the housewife track her childrens academic and behavioral progress, review teacher comments/notes, interact with faculty, help her help them with their homework, art, crafts and so on?

3. How about content around local residential communities, online ladies clubs and so on? (A little far out but hey this is “women” we are talking about here! 🙂 )

Consequently should we be selling to the Indian wallet (price) or should we be selling to the Indian psyche (nature of use) so that the size of the wallet becomes moot?

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