I-Neighbors for Local Communities

Slashdot links to an article in Globeandmail:

A new website aims to build a community among users who are not so far-flung. The site, called I-Neighbors, seeks to connect people with others nearby, enabling them to get to know people well enough to trade plant-sitting duties, perhaps, or feel comfortable dropping by for a chat.

By offering a one-stop shop where people can e-mail their neighbours, find information about them and be matched to those with similar interests through a social networking feature, the free site aims to initiate on-line interactions that will translate into more contact offline.

“The idea is that this breaks down some existing barriers to communication,” said Keith Hampton, the site’s founder and an assistant professor of technology, urban and community sociology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Imagine a site that integrates elements of PIN-News, Craigslist and i-Neighbors to provide news and events about the neighbourhood.

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