TECH TALK: Creating Options: Personal Examples (Part 2)

In Netcore too, over the past few years, I have tried to create options for the future. Even as we have searched for the right set of ideas and framework to build out the vision of affordable computing, there are many small experiments (think of them as R&D activities) that we have done. While none of them may have been commercially successful yet, each of those has given us learnings which have been useful in putting together the plan to reinvent computing to make it more affordable, desirable, accessible and manageable for the worlds emerging markets. At times, just going down a certain path can help in opening up new horizons. It may not be immediately apparent how that could be useful, but one has to have an implicit faith that there will be some good which can be made to come out of these forays.

At a more micro level, even the way I write the Tech Talks has changed over the past few years. In the beginning, I would write it out every morning Mondays-to-Fridays on the day it was to be published. I realised then that the pressure of waking up every morning and having to come up with the ideas was becoming too much. I then shifted to writing it out on the Sunday prior to the week that it was to be published. Now, I do better. Not only do I write out Tech Talks a little more in advance, I also keep a list of 30-40 possible ideas on which I could write. This ensures that I do not have a shortage of options, and in this scenario of greater freedom, I am able to (hopefully!) do significantly better.

Some days ago, I posted this entry on my blog, entitled Lifes Little Clues.

Every day, Life leaves its little clues to us. Most of the times, we don’t see them. It requires a heightened sense of alertness to notice these clues and then connect them to what they are trying to see. I have felt this many times. We go through the better part of life not noticing these clues. If only we can start to figure out these coded messages…

I have felt this many times. Like today, I was driving for a meeting. I took a wrong turn because I had missed out a piece of information that had passed my way, and I had not registered it a couple days ago.

I am now trying to be careful – in noticing things around, in thinking and correlating incidents, and generally trying to see the connection. This has to be subconscious. It has to become part of our routine.

I now realise that Lifes Little Clues need to be combined with actions that we take to create options, else we will not be in a position to leverage the clues that come our way. Be it in our personal lives or in our entrepreneurial venture, intelligently creating options can make a big difference between success and failure.

Tomorrow: Blind Spots and Lock-ins

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