Kohli Interview

Excerpts from a BW Online interview with FC Kohli of TCS:

We have to have a domestic digital industry and speed up PC use. It’s doable to make a sub-$200 PC, but it needs a huge initiative…Hopefully, in the next 12-18 months, we will break the back of the PC problem and have software in all Indian languages. Then the fun starts, when everyone will use it.

Kohli also discusses the adult literacy program TCS has created.

What’s next on his agenda: “We’re now experimenting with the public school system, creating teacher aids, and computerizing the extra coaching classes that all teachers here give. Students will pay money for the coaching program and see the teacher once a week to complete it. And from 8th grade on, everyone must get some vocational training — it’s not necessary for everyone to go to college. There are solutions [for everything], but we have to work on them.”

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