Internet Opps for Small Businesses

Adam Hanft writes:

The entrepreneurial edge. We’ve seen it in action and we know what it represents. The ability to respond quickly to opportunity. To see trends before they leap into front page fodder. To seize and run with new technology before large and lumbering competitors wake up and smell the skim decaf latte.

It’s an instinct and behavior that’s true most of the time. But puzzlingly, I don’t see it happening in the hot and buzzy area of Internet marketing –specifically, as it relates to two distinct areas: search marketing and rich media.

Search marketing, of course, is the practice of using keywords and other terms to drive Web surfers and Web seekers to your site. It’s the phenomenon behind Google’s monumental market cap and the holy grail of one-to-one communication: Someone raises their hand and says, “I am interested in learning more about this subject, or this product category, or this service area.” No more qualified, valuable prospect exists on the face of this ozone-depleted, fossil-fuel dependent earth.

The second online marketing opportunity that entrepreneurs need to grab is rich media. While traditional banners are declining in use as an advertising vehicle — they’re boring and uninspiring — rich media is booming. “Rich media” describes a range of more sophisticated and involved online advertising formats – messages enhanced by sound and motion, by interactivity, by pull-down menus, or other multimedia options. Sometimes, rich media units float or “take over” a page, as with the industry-leading, innovative messages made available from PointRoll.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.