Starting Up, A Decade Apart

Joe Kraus, one of the founders of Excite, has started a blog on entrepreneurship. He writes:

I’ve been reflecting on how different it is to start a company in 2004 vs. 1993. While I still break out like a nervous teenager, which looks awfully strange with graying hair, at a professional level, there are three substantial cost differences that make it much easier to start a business on much less capital. I think this is a great trend for entrepreneurs and has a not-so-clear impact on the venture business.

Cost Difference #1. The tools to develop software cost nothing now.

Cost Difference #2. Hardware costs are approaching 0.

Cost Difference #3. Start-ups have access to global labor.

with today’s ability to work with people all across the world comes the the great responsibility of needing to manage them to get what you want. It’s going to change the required skills for successful entrepreneurs. Successful management ability early on, not just great drive and persistence, is going to become an absolute must.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.