Distributed Directories

Dave Winer points to a GeekCentral post. Dave adds: “The right way to do it is decentralized, using a convenient XML format for representing and editing directories. We happen to have one, it’s quite popular and has a lot more power than is being used. Please see the Googlish way to do directories, which could easily be the MSN-way to do directories, or what Yahoo can do when they’re ready to give up the centralized model. It’s really simple. Teach your search engine to look inside OPML files, and index them using the same page-ranking method you use for HTML. When the searcher wants to go into a directory, display it like Yahoo or DMOZ. Voila, let a thousand directories bloom. If someone tries to ‘own’ a category, route around them. The Web doesn’t have a single home page, why should directories? Competition is the way of the Web.”

Distributed directories are the way to construct the Memex.

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