Interactive Storytelling

Slashdot has a review of ” Interactive Storytelling: Techniques for 21st Century Fiction” by Andrew Glassner, who “takes a look at what we know about stories, what we know about games, how they work (or don’t work) together now, and how they might work together in the future. First, this is a book that everybody who wants to make compelling games should read. That said, however, it isn’t really a book you would read for fun — it’s more of a textbook. The first half of the text is a necessarily rather dry presentation of concepts: for example, nine pages on ‘Narrative Devices.’ Glassner uses copious examples from movies that you’ve probably seen and games that you’ve probably played, and the text is certainly an easy read and well written, but it’s still a very step-by-step presentation. You can’t hide the fact that you’re supposed to be learning something here. The second half of the book does open up a bit as he goes beyond just priming you on story and game theory.”

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