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Jon Udell points to an EPRI Roadmap, which writes: “The ultimate force pulling the electricity sector into the 21st century will likely be the technologies of electricity demand — specifically, intelligent technologies enabling ever-broader consumer involvement in defining and controlling their electricity-based service needs. As long as consumer involvement is limited to the on/off switch and time-of-day pricing, the commodity paradigm will continue to dominate the business and require regulation to protect a relatively weak consumer from cost-constrained suppliers.”

Jon Udell adds: “The EPRI roadmap takes a long view. The emergence of hydrogen as a complementary energy carrier, the decentralization of power generation, and the shift to renewable sources are seen as later-stage developments. The plan’s first priority is to modernize the power grid in order to ‘meet the precision-power requirements of the emerging digital economy.’ The expected payoff is twofold. First, to reduce the cost of power outages — both the direct cost of business losses, and the indirect cost of maintaining backup generating capability. Second, to maximize the efficiency of power use by making it responsive to price…It’s crazy, when you think about it, that your phone bill is exquisitely itemized but your electicity bill is a single number.”

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