Bangalore Talk on Wednesday

I will be speaking at the event on “IT Innovation in India” on Wednesday (Nov 3). I have a 20-minute slot, in which I am planning to talk about what we are doing to make computing a utility. My session is from 3:15-4:30 pm and is entitled “Innovation in India : Challenges and way ahead”, and the event is at the Taj West End.

I was thinking about a presentation with slides, but I don’t think I will do that. I’ll speak without slides on what we are doing – I think I speak much better that way. Also, it keeps the audience attention focused on the talk rather than the slides.

My basic theme will revolve around the 4 key challenges that exist in creating computing solutions for the next billion users: affordability, desirability, accessibility and manageability. And the solutions (Emergic) that are needed and what we are working on to address these: network computers, the grid, applications and services, and Tech 7-11s.

I hope there will be time for questions and answers. Last year, at the same event, they did not have the interactive session. In these kinds of events, the audience interaction must be a part of the event.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.